Hammers help - please

So, I purchased Hammers as I always loved the demos and the SA sale enticed me to buy it

I am just now trying it out and, as usually occurs with SA instruments, the volume is insanely low on the samples

Here is a Bass drum loop using Mix 3 with the SA plugin gain at 100%

The pre-fader metering shows it averaging at -5.5dB (if I turn the SA plugin gain up to 400% it clips at about +7dB)

I try to keep tracks in the -18dB range but if I did that with Hammers I would not be able to hear a thing

What am I doing wrong? Why is the volume so low?

Thank you



  • HarryPoteBeur
    edited January 22

    Well in your DAW -18 DBFS (decibels relative to full scale, which is what your pre-fader metering is showing, because in real world you would never hear something that is -18 DB, because to my knowledge that's not possible to create a sound in negative decibels) should always sound the same in DB (or pretty close depending on the timbre of the instrument, you can have fun trying that with a simple db meter on your phone).

    All that to say that if your pre-fader metering is registering -18 DBFS and you can't hear something but when it registers -5.5 you can, it's probably because the sound coming through is too low so you should probably try to increase the sound on your speakers or your headphones.

    And if that doesn't work, it might be because you didn't select the right device in the Audio option of your DAW (i.e. ASIO4ALL) and if that doesn't work then your DAW is probably broken.