Studio Strings - Some Sample Start issues

Must say I love this LIbrary though have found some issues with sample start in many of the patches.

The spiccatos (most noticeably) sometimes have a zero crossing issue. Ive noticed on some other notes also. Changing the tightness setting doesnt alleviate. When looking inside the patches I see that the actual sample start is often a little ways into the sample and the envelope setting isnt hiding pop/non zero crossing sounds.

While time consuming its not to much drama to go in and make adjustments to sample start in Kontakt but the complication of multiple mic layers means the sample start has to be adjusted to exactly the same point for multiple mic positions, making the process deeply time consuming and productivity suppressing.

With the limited tools available to set sample start in the Kontakt wave editor I'm not even sure how to approach adjusting sample start to precisely the same point for 6 version of the same sample.

If Spitfire can give some time to this I am willing to submit specific examples and beta test.

Kind regards