best SF product for solo violin


I own a handful of lower tier SF products covering a wide range of tones and textures as well as a couple of other developer's libraries. I do have SF Solo Cello and Solo Violin and although I really like the sound and the way the articulations are programmed via controller values rather than key switching, the loop points are quite prominent when playing longer, sustained notes in slower passages.

I'd like to take advantage of the ongoing sale so I'm looking for suggestions on what other solo violin options are available given I have about 400Gb of disk space on my VSTi external SSD and a budget of < $500 US.

Currently looking at products like BBC SO Core, Sacconi Strings, and Abbey Road Two Iconic Strings.

Probably don't have the disk space for Studio Strings Pro.

Thank you.


  • Hello,

    BBC SO Core would be an entire orchestra, featuring section leaders. It has an amazing sound overall. It is cheaper than the Sacconi Strings but a little more expensive than Abbey Road Two. So, if you already have a great sounding orchestra library, this might not be as useful, and you can really spend your money on some better strings samples, rather than an orchestra.

    Sacconi Strings has the best solo sound in my opinion, and it runs on Kontakt. It is a little pricey, but if you like the sound they have, then it might be worth it. The legato on this one is better than Abbey Road Two I believe...?

    Finally Abbey Road Two, still offering a great sound, has a few other handy tools offered on their spitfire interface. It's also less pricier too.

    These are just my personal opinions, I guess what's most important is the hear the sounds and the realism of legatos yourself. Good luck!