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  • Hi there,

    My little entry for this competition. Good luck to everyone!

  • kharaon
    edited October 2022

    In reality, I won, but in the Spitfire Audio matrix they didn’t even notice my the most original track:)


  • amitpoz
    edited October 2022

    Warm congratulations to the winners and best wishes to all participants.

    I'd like to share with you my entry and scoring approach for the Bridgerton sequence, which I enjoyed very much creating. Thanks for watching/listening.

    Best regards,

    Amit Poznansky

  • Krisp
    edited October 2022

    Yes, congratulations to all! And I've heard quite a few versions that could have also won, so without minimizing the quality of the lucky winning scores, I'd say the bar was set high all the same.

    Moreover, for my part, I particularly enjoyed listening to certain totally different versions, more personal and imaginative, sometimes sticking better to the fantasy of the images, perhaps not necessarily "standardized" enough to be winning.

    It can seem very frustrating to us to have no feedback on our own achievements, but it is also understandable: such a competition with several thousand versions is a real hay barn! Congratulations to the jurors for being able to find 5 winning needles! (we can also say that there must have been a whole staff at Spitfire to rough the choices and offer to Master Bowers the "final cut" according to his own tastes.

    So, for my part, can't wait for the next competition! And congratulations Spitfire, congratulations to the lucky winners, (come on, let's be a good player, while preferring our own works haha, which is very human basically), congratulations to the little hands who had to sort out this mass of candidates, congratulations too (and this is a point that I really like), to this idea of ​​a staging of the event magnificently led by Spitfire audio!

    My proposition :


  • Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has the original unscored clip they'd be willing to share with me via Google Drive?

    I'd like to use it for practice. Thank you :)