Request: Multi Timbral Use of the Spitfire Plugin [Solved]

@Spitfire Audio Please add a way for us to open multiple instruments in one instance of your dedicated plugin. It is just way too RAM intensive otherwise. This would really help people like me out, who are working on mid-range laptops!

I hope you will consider this, as I think it is widely requested.


  • i don't think it's necessary, it seems that spitfire plugin can sense multiple instances of itself in memory. only first instance takes time to load and uses more memory, every other is loading much quicker.

  • @Tomasz Well, I tried making an orchestral template, as I would with Kontakt, and by the time I had set it up my RAM (16 GB) was nearly full. So idk how it is with your computer but I'm sure they could optimize it.

  • Hi

    There are templates for several DAWs here

    I use the Cubase template by @Alex Watson. I'm not sure if they all function the same way but with this template all articulations for each instrument are on separate tracks. The beauty of it is that all tracks are disabled when you load the template. You only enable the tracks that you use thus saving load time and memory.

  • @Steve Shaw Thanks, this is great information, but as I use FL Studio, I'm not sure if the equivalent feature also disables the RAM or only the CPU. I need to try it out and see, but thanks anyway :)

  • well multiple instances of player don't increase memory usage by much,

    most of the space is used by samples

    have you tried to unload unused articulations?

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    Hi @olivereggenberger

    When using multi-timbral plugins, such as Kontakt, there are no actual benefits to Memory, other than the CPU and small amount of RAM you save when only using one plugin for 16 instruments. Where you would save Memory, would be if you opened multiple versions of a preset that pulled the samples from the same set.

    As @Tomasz mentioned, the best way to save RAM when using our plugin is to remove any techniques you are not using (note, this is only applicable to some of our libraries).

    That said, I'm happy to pass your feedback onto the product team.

    All the best,


  • Alright, thanks for your advice, I've thought of unloading the articulations and using only my most popular ones in my template before, haven't had a chance to try it out yet, I'll do so later.

  • I am still wanting multiple instrument instances in the LABS plugin, regardless of CPU demand. Will this ever be an option?

  • Hi @ktshh

    We're always open to updating the plugin based on user feedback, but this would certainly be something to consider over the long-term. There are other plugins available (PluginGuru, Vienna Ensemble Pro) that can host the LABS plugin and therefore output multi-timbrally. Though you would still see similar CPU and RAM loads.

    If your system CPU if struggling with LABS, you may want to consider updating your hardware.