🌉 Netflix's BRIDGERTON Scoring Competition FAQ 💬



  • thank you Niko !

  • Hi,

    My network connection made me miss the deadline by 20 minutes or so. Will my submission still be accepted?

    Best regards

    Niko Tompuri

  • I tried uploading my video over 11 times to Youtube and kept getting a copyright claim with my score removed! After contacting support, they said it was best to use video software to ensure that the correct codec was used and it worked! Hope my updated link will still be judged due to this annoying youtube error.

  • Hi all, I have a fun idea... when a score qualifies as a runner up, it would be a great learning experience to receive an example of Notes back from the Spitfire team, as if a music director was giving a quick feedback. Likewise, it would be enjoyable for the Spitfire Team to create pretend Notes based on their experiences in the field.

  • Hello, 3 weeks ago I posted my track on Youtube and here in the forum.

    Unfortunately, I did not know the email address to which I should send my submission. I thought it would be enough to publish it on Youtube with the hashtag #MyBridgertonScore and here in the forum.

    Is my submission now accepted or not? I haven't received an email.

  • Hi! I followed all the main rules on the rules page before it was taken down, but there was no form to submit. But these FAQs mention a form? I posted it to youtube and tagged it (like the instructions say). The FAQs also say we'll receive a confirmation email of the submission, but I didn't get one of those either. Can you confirm that my submission was received? Thanks a bunch!

    Here's my submission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duP2hxcyp0k

  • My Bridgerton entry on YouTube has been accepted but how do I share it with others here?

  • Hi there, I updated my score right after submitting it and did via the google forms so think it was fine. I'm a little worried as it hasnt been viewed as yet - only by me :) and so hoping it will do at some point and the correct link is being followed. I'm sure you have a ton to go through but wanted to check anyway. Had a great time doing it!


    Olly Bridgewater

  • The Bridgerton Rules page is missing - https://www.spitfireaudio.com/bridgerton/rules

    404 error

  • Hello! I’ve never got email about my music was judged. Can you pls check it? Thanks.

  • "Following feedback from last year's competition we will email all applicants once all submissions have been judged."

    I never got an email.

    [email protected]

    Anthony Lombardi

    I followed all the instructions. Got the Google form submission email, but no confirmation. Very sad. I really just wanted to know I was even judged.