Bridgerton Scoring Competition 2022 - Our Biggest One Yet!

We're back with another scoring competition, bringing you footage from the Netflix hit series Bridgerton! Score the scene for a chance to win an Everything Drive, a 1-1 mentoring session with Kris Bowers, and a signed Bridgerton score! We can't wait to see what you all come up with.

Watch the announcement👇🏼

Enter now:


  • If won do you get composer/writer credit/royalties?

  • Is the clip meant to be Texted or Textless? The one Kris and Paul were using in the Launch was Textless, yet the download is Texted. Just wondering if that is correct?

  • Hello to all! Any questions you may have regarding the BRIDGERTON Scoring Competition can be answered by going to the new Bridgerton Scoring Competition Category (linked below) where you can find several discussions with detailed information:

  • So excited to score this and take by second stab at this competition. Love it. If anyone has the privilege or ability to try it, try it.

  • Hi there

    About Bridgerton Scoring Competition

    This is the most ridiculous way to ask a film composer to write a music based on a few video shots of a TV show!

    It is not even a complete sequence of the film! What is the story? genre? characters? theme? rhythm? director`s idea??? 

    Are you kidding the composers?

    I know that the participants of this competition are not professional composers, but they are not supposed to get lead a wrong way.

    I think Spitfire Audio must choose an academic way of competition, to advert its own products.


    Trevor Madsen