Originals VST2 plugins not playing round robins with Pluginguru Unify


I would like to use Originals Epic Choir and Intimate Strings with Pluginguru Unify.

I am experiencing an issue that only appears to happen when the VST2 is hosted in Pluginguru unify (either stanadlone, or with Unify VSTi within Reaper)

When I play my MIDI controller keyboard, or I use the in-built Unify keyboard, I don't hear any of the multi-samples - just one repeated sample. Whereas, if I open up the Originals VST (from within Unify) I can click repeatedly in the VST GUI keyboard and I can hear the extra samples being triggered.

I have also had success with Originals by hosting VSTi's directly within Reaper (bypassing Unify)... so the issue clearly appears to be with Pluginguru Unify. I have raised this as a concern with their forum and they have asked me to get in touch with your forum.

Here is my setup

Originals - Epic Choir 1.0.3 VST2 64bit - patch "Tenors & Basses: Short Staccato Syllables"

Originals - Intimate Strings v1.1.13 VST2 64bit - patch "Strings: Pizzicato"

Reaper v6.64 win64 rev f58cf0 (Jul 13 2022)

Pluginguru Unify STD v1.8.0 (Standalone and VST2 64bit in Reaper v6.64)

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 21H2 installed 16/04/2021 OS bild 19044.1826

Laptop is Intel i7-4810MQ CPU @ 2.80GHz with 16GB RAM

Dell Precision M6800