Any plans for a vibrato crossfade for string leaders?

Hi...firstly, love your work.

Since purchasing Solo strings 4 years ago, I have found so much joy making music with your orchestral VI's, especially BBCSO, of which I used the core edition for 18 months (and 2 albums), before recently saving for, and upgrading to pro.

The microphone choices sound phenomenal of course, but I do have to say I was saddened to find the string leaders only have what seems to be an on/off vibrato switch. This essentially makes them unusable unless playing with the section parts.

Is there any plan to upgrade the legato patches of the leaders in the near future?

Having found the string sections so easy to play and write for, dreaming of composing for the leaders was a major reason for committing to the full version, yet of all Paul's videos I watched whilst saving, I never picked up that the vibrato did not fade.

Many thanks in advance for your answer.



  • Hello @musicBYtully, I appreciate your comments, feedback and concerns. At this time, I have no information regarding future potential updates to the BBC Symphony Orchestra Series, however, I will be more than happy to pass along your feedback to the relevant team for review!

    Please do keep in mind that the leaders in BBCSO Pro are meant to be contextual and although they can technically be used at soloists (in the virtuosic sense), I would recommend that you blend Solo Strings with BBCSO Pro as needed. Nonetheless, the strings leaders in BBCSO Pro are incredible and very useful!