Fantasy/Frontiers- Double Feature!! (with thanks to Christian's extremities)

Hi all - hope those of you affected coped with the heat this week!

So, following CH's recent ice bath I picked up Chamber Strings on offer and am blown away by it - phenomenal sounding library (the ensemble patch sounds better out of the box than most strings libraries do when you write out the parts separately) and so much to explore! Thought I'd share a couple of preliminary efforts:

This first one is for the Ryan Leach July '22 composing challenge - still just about time to enter (deadline is 31 July - link to the challenge video in my YT description). You have to write a 90 second piece that "fits" the picture. Am using SCS for the strings and BBCSO core for everything else. I went for a pastoral vibe with a hint of the fantastic/sinister - the tree is a bit too massive if you ask me and the guy on the horse may or may not be a baddie so I thought there needed to be some darkness to the proceedings...

This second one, which I am a bit sheepish about posting here as everything but the strings is EastWest's Goliath library (but SCS is ably carrying the show on it's own for the entire B section- 1.25 ish onwards), is a bit of Wild West fun to match the weather!

Hope you enjoy!

Best wishes