OUT NOW: Originals Epic Choir - The One You've Been Waiting For...

Explore the endless potential of the human voice with a 50-piece large-scale ensemble

Available now for just £29/$29/€29 -https://bit.ly/3RVlGg6

🎙 3 Signals including 'Ethereal' created using post-production FX to add an atmospheric quality

🎙 12 different articulations at your fingertips - from shorts and longs to episodic, with a range of vowel sounds

🎙 Recorded at the renowned Lyndhurst Hall at AIR Studios.

Watch the walkthrough 👇🏼


  • I believe you’ve made a mistake in the pricing!! Absolutely stunning choir package

  • your marketing department is extraordinary, congratulations

    Paolo Siani

  • Sounds fantastic - but I really miss an UH patch - but maybe that is too much to ask for, at that price? :)

  • I really wanted a choir library and not being able to afford the whole set of Mister Whithecare ensemble, I had to content myself with the patch in LABS, which gives good results in context.

    This one is a giveaway for the price.

    Only regret, the absence of a legato patch (but it should perhaps not dream).

    You can quite easily write a 4-voice polyphony with this, by accepting a form of mixing of ranges. The result is very convincing, as long as the joints are not too audible.

    In any case, the stamps are good. Great capture job once again!

    I dream of a slightly more advanced version, even if it means putting an intermediate price on it.

  • What is the best Arp or other MIDI plugin to use on the short staccato syllables (i'm using CUBASE) to get the most "realistic" feel?

  • I'm using Studio One. It has in-built articulations. Generally I've found that Glissando sounds more natural than any of the Arpeggios or Portamento. However it creates a very bright / upbeat feel with the Sopranos. I take it that you want to use these to 'bridge' keyed or written notes.

  • Donkey_Oaty
    edited August 1

  • There's an ‘Uh’ voice in the free Labs Micah's Choir. It can be used in polyphony and is IMO, quite fabulous. I'm using it in everything from a choral piece through EDM to reggae. It’s become a ‘go to’ for me. I have yet to try it staccato.

  • I used the syllables as a normal instrument (with a short attack and decay). It work's very well, I think. I played around in this experiment.