Trouble assigning CC mapping

I recently started learning Film Scoring. To start off I am using GarageBand and Spitfire Discover. For Midi I have a digital piano and I am using TouchOsc for expression control. For some reason only the dynamics control is getting mapped, other than that 'Expression' and 'Reverb' is not getting mapped. Can anyone help me with this ?

Thank you!


  • Interesting problem! I'm assuming you right-clicked to assign the controls?

  • Yes, Right clicked to assign the controls, but only the Dynamic control is getting mapped, others are not for some reason.

    I also tried Ableton, just for experiment, the same problem occurs.

    Could it be TouchOSC is connected the wrong way to my Mac? Because Earlier I had a Windows Laptop and everything worked fine. I could Assign all 3 CC's

  • Is it possible you have to remove the default assigned CC before assigning another?