Spitfire Instruments & Dolby Atmos

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Hi All

Does anyone have any experience on ways to mix spitfire orchestral products into a Dolby Atmos mix?

I am aware of the AtmosL and AtmosR stems that are available in the BBC orchestra and have been able to route them just fine through Cubase 12 into the Dolby Atmos renderer, but there must be 100's of ways of doing this and I wondered if anyone had any particular successes or failure thay could share?

Also, how, exactly, were the AtmosL and AtmosR stems created? I assume they are expected to be used front and back in the atmos mix, but were they designed to be placed up or down, and on their own or in combination with other mic stems? Some detailed thoughts from the original recording engineers and producers would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, I have reasd this article https://spitfireaudio.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016762958-What-are-the-BBC-Atmos-Signals-and-How-do-you-use-them-