Shadow of the Wolf

Hey there,

I composed a new track with the talented composer Eric Heitman called Shadow of the Wolf. We used the BBC Symphonic Orchestra Core Edition and the Olafur Arnalds Composer Toolkit (Felt Piano). Furthermore we used some other libraries from Native Instruments and Virharmonic. Let me know what you think about the track and some feedback about mastering




  • Hello there!

    This is a lovely piece. The strings complimented the piano very well at the very beginning. I would say around 0:48 the strings (Violin?) is a bit loud there and it overpowers the other sections especially when it's a long note. I would probably just vary the dynamics there a little more.

    I really like the part where the percussion first came in with the visuals. I would personally make the percussion sound much bigger by slightly lowering the sound of the strings, maybe widening the percussion, and a little bit more of the bass frequency in the EQ. This could just be a personal taste, I just felt like it lacked a little bit of that "boomyness" and width. The second time when the percussion came in at 2:42, it was on point.

    The strings are a bit to the right? I think that might just be my headphones. But since the piano is there, the audio sounds a little unbalanced. (But again, it could just be my headphones).

    The woodwind sections is just absolutely beautiful. It's an amazing composition. I can imagine this being in some movie scene. These are just my opinions on the mix, but I am not an expert at mastering. I'm sure someone well-versed in the art of mastering will come around and offer some feedback. Well done!

    P.S. What library is that violin melody at 3:14?

  • Hi, I love it. Its inspiring and calming at the same time!! I also like the film and the way you have blended the music. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback. I'm very thankful for getting some feedback about mastering, EQ and all that stuff. It's still a learning process. We were thinking about to make the percussion a little bit bigger but we didn't like it. About the violins. They should be more balanced, maybe it's your headphones? The solo violin is from Virharmonic. It's absolutely beautiful and the best solo violin vst in my opinion. Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate that