Modern Scoring Strings

Anyone here use it or have heard of it? It just had a huge update, it's a pretty penny, but the runs/ostinato generator and some other features convinced me to pull the trigger on it.

Downloading now...will report later if anyone's interested. I think it will blend very nicely with BBC Core, Abbey Road One, and Cinebrass Sonore/Junkie XL.


  • Edward
    edited April 2021

    I just picked it up. I'm wrapping up another project and have not yet used it on anything. Nice warm sound. The ostinato gen is Phil Glass in a box - very smooth and musical. A bit like getting a Sonokinetic library for free along with the more vanilla patches. LOVE the rhythmic tool for short articulations. Super versatile. I had issues with the poly legato at first but practice makes perfect as does cracking the manual. :) You can always choose to limit which way things go with the slider (legato/gliss)

    The solo patches don't match very well imo. The solo violin was hard for me to play well out of box - hard to control , in contrast with the viola ensemble which was pure bliss for me. Again it all depends on playing style/usage. The interface is HIGHLY configurable. Solo cello is great - a bit of "rosin" so it wont work for everything, but I'm apostate and don't think that there is any one library that cuts it for everything. I liked it. Solo viola from LSS - works well. No Solo bass.

    All in all I am happy so far, as it presents a plethora of creative possibilities. What else? Loads fast. Interface is huge and easy to read. Auto divisi is great for realism.

    I thought it was well worth it. I'll see how it goes on my next batch of compositions.


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