Intimate Grand - Variable Velocity and Tone?

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Having heard Dan Keen demo this piano, I immediately made the purchase. Its a wonderfully sounding piano. But volume/velocity and tone/timbre is virtually identical regardless of how soft or hard I hit the keys. Playing soft on my piano just doesn't generate a soft sound as it would on a real piano or on other libraries. This happens on all presets. I know there is a term for this but it escapes me.

Is this as designed or am I missing something? Thanks,



  • Hi Jeff,

    I think the main dynamic control for this piano is through CC#1. There may be a little of velocity based dynamic control, but CC#1 is going to be your best bet.

  • HI there Caleb,

    First time posting here as well. I'm having the same situation with the LABS soft piano. I know by now, the CC#1 which is my modulation wheel on my keyboard to control the dynamic. But like during recording of piano with both hands (or even 1 hand), the recording should pick up the dynamic of the key that I pressed on the keyboard. But after recording, the volume of every note just sound evenly across the entire part.

    Just asking to see if you have other way to edit/adjust the volume so that it sounds exactly of how hard/soft I played.

  • I never figured out the problem. Every keypress on the piano has the exact same velocity regardless of how soft or firm I play. I could barely touch it or bang it hard, and the velocity is the same. ;-(

    If you find a solution, pls comment here.


  • You may wish to try the following:

    (see 1st pic)

    1 Click the 3 dots. 2 Choose a different velocity profile from the pop-up menu.

    (see 2nd pic)

    Add some automation. How you do this will vary from DAW to DAW, but as the pic below shows, there are quite a few assignables, These can impact the tone and volume you achieve. Many VI manufacturers do not assign volume to velocity and instead use velocity for articulation (or other variable) switching. Spitfire uses velocity to switch articulations in many of its VSTs.

    (see 3rd pic)

    This may be blindingly obvious. If it is, excuse me, but the menu gives you a choice of several 'profiles' for this piano, which will have differing responses and tones.

    I hope this helps

  • TomCox
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    Leave the dynamics slider at zero for velocity control on the keys.