Spitfire Manager Request

edited June 22 in General

I give the Spitfire Player and Library sounds an A+. Fantastic. As good as it gets. But guys... the 'Manager/Downloader" is a D as in DISMAL. You really need to overhaul it. I can't even begin to list the hours I've spent trying to get things to work or recognized.

Also, some of the help videos regarding the Manager are sketchy. I.E. I'm currently having a problem with Angular Strings after copying it over to a new SSD. I was sent to a link that had a new BETA for M1 users, with a download with ZERO instructions. None. Just a cool looking page and a download button. In the download were ZIPs for the component and VST's. Fine. I took out the old ones from their respective folders and replaced with the new ones. Now I'm getting all kinds of error messages. Can't you simply have an INSTALLER OVERWRITE and put in place everything in one go?

This is just one example of the messy installation hiccups I've encountered. PLEASE hire someone to get the manager right. Or at least look at some of the competition like Berlin and SoundPaint. I had NO ISSUE having their players recognize my new SSD.