Looking forward to more expansions for Abbey-Road 1 Orch. Foundations.

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I'm looking forward to see Spitfire Audio release more Expansions for AR1 Orch. Foundations. in the near future. Especially a Mid-High Strings expansion, with a good amount of short, long, and legato articulations.



  • I would be very surprised if high strings isn't one of the next two expansion packs (along with horns, but if they release two at a time and want to continue with having one "high" and one "low", the horns expansion might be replaced with a low brass one).

  • Yeah -- I feel like legato patches should have been included with the core library. When looking at competitors it seems to be an industry-standard patch that was unfortunately left out.

  • I think the legatos not being included was for a number of reasons. The flagship for the entire series is that it's in Abbey Road. It's built to reinforce the quality of your mixes and sound, not necessary an entire orchestra like the BBCSO. So there's also that factor that they're distinctly marketing two products. Abbey Road sound and BBCSO full orchestral template. I think given the sparkling woodwinds, flutes, and low extensions they're going to be adding legatos for the various sections in time. I can imagine getting all of that dialed in while keeping the sound of the hall would be quite time consuming.

  • I'm sure there are reasons. I bought the library at launch, and not including legato patches whenever it's an industry-standard patch is a letdown for me as a consumer. Just my opinion!