How to use Harp gliss BBC SO Pro

Hello, I am currently relatively new to using the BBC SO sound library and am confused about the harp glisses. If I'm not mistaken, just about every time I try to get a gliss, it sounds minor. For example, I have the gliss articulation selected and I hit C3, the following gliss sounds minor. This seems to be the same for a lot of the notes except for G, which comes out major. Is there a way for me to change between major and minor for the glisses, as well as its direction?


  • Can't help directly on this but there's always the old-skool trick - with the regular harp sound, do a piano gliss on your midi keyboard on all the white keys (drag hand across the white keys from the note you want to start on to the note you want to end on). You now have a gliss in C Major/A minor on the Piano roll -

    if you want one in F major - transpose it up 5 semitones (i.e. move C major up)

    If you want it in G minor, transpose it down 2 semitones (i.e. move A minor down)

    If you want it in Eb Major, transpose it up 3 semitones

    If you want it in E minor transpose it down 5 semitones (or up 7)

    (and so on...)

    You can also chop notes off either end if it's too long and move the whole thing if you want the last note to be the one that hits on the beat - but, whatever you do, don't quantize it - it will sound fake!

    Hope helpful!

  • Hi @MattRamirez

    You can change the direction of the gliss by clicking on the "big knob" and selecting direction. Move the rotary slider fully left or right.