Spitfire with the Mixcraft 9 DAW

Has anyone used Spitfire with the Mixcraft 9 DAW? Ever design a template for it?


  • Yes, using a number of products and thinking about BBC Core. No issues with Mixcraft / Spitfire.

    Only challenge is so few of use Mixcraft, don't think companies like Spitfire will generate custom templates, I have not set up anytign except for a very basic set up for Have not set up an substantial templates.

    The only challenge is that so few of us use Mixcraft - unlikely Spitfire and others will generate templates.

  • I use BBC Core, OPW (an incredible buy for £29!), a handful of other Originals and a ton of LABs with Mixcraft 9. It's a really nice, user-friendly DAW that does 98% of what the big boys do at a fraction of the cost, and I'm always surprised how few people who have cottoned on to just how good it is and how many VSTs you could buy with the difference between that and Cubase.

    I seldom do full orchestra stuff (I'm more a chamber pop kind of player) so I don't have a template I could share. If I did, I would.