Need A New Mac Hardware Setup


I think I need a new Mac hardware setup. I'm running a late 2013 IMac w/ 24GB RAM and my sessions are just not running, despite frozen tracks, increased buffer sizes, etc. So much has happened since my last purchase I don't even know where to start.

Software wise, BBCSO Pro is my go-to, and I have it on a great SSD, though the presets and the plugin are (as recommended I think) on the OS. I run Logic on my OS and record to the same SSD that my samples are on. I plan to get a separate drive for that, but don't think that will solve things, though maybe I'm wrong?

I'm now running 50+ MIDI tracks and recording audio in a session frequently. I'm in an awkward stage, because while I'm expanding, I'm nowhere near able to drop the cash to run a full-time home studio. I'd love the Mac Studio, but that starts at the top end of my budget (2K).

I'm looking for a desktop, IMac, or similar. Never used something like the Mac Mini and a separate monitor before, but curious about that. I was interested in the M1, but that tops out at 16GB RAM and seems not feasible?

Thanks in advance!