Signal Routing and Monitoring in BBC SO when writing.

Can anyone help with a a problem using the Core 2 template for BBC SO?

CH JJ Core2 Template v$.1.0 - CH Template 2.3.3

Just getting started with BBC SO and want to make good use of the templates from The Page.

I have tried other BBC SO templates and they seem to work okay. I understand the routing and if I record enable a track I hear the instrument. When opening Core 2 demo, I see Stacks, Instruments and Print tracks and would like to make good use of them.

I'd like to get into a way of working where I can record the midi in instrument tracks and then when I'm happy with arrangement just record into the PRINT tracks as groups. I have seen a similar video that Christian did like this. He seemed to work on a piece, then put the Print tracks into record and he printed all the group parts to audio Print tracks.

I'm trying to follow the routing as I don't hear anything as I expected. If I trace the signal routing it appears to go:

Individual Instrument Track (e.g. First Violins Legato) --> Bus 56 

When I play I get a signal on the meter okay but hear no sound.

Bus 56 ----> Through Track with various Send options (51 to 55)---> output Bus 50

Again I see a signal on the meter but hear nothing at output.

Bus 50-----> PRINT Track------>Bus 5

Now I see no signal going through this track despite Input Monitoring being lit

(I thought I would hear something and get a signal)

Bus 5 ------> Output (I set this to Stereo Out as per normal)

The only way I can get to hear an instrument is if I put the Print track into record (input monitoring is lit on the Print Tracks to start). If I then record something I get Midi (on the instrument track (as wanted) but also Audio on the Print track (not wanted when writing).

I'm struggling to understand this. Can anyone shed any light? It seems the only way to hear an instrument is to record enable the Print track that it routes to. Should Input Monitor be working to hear it without this (so I can just record the Instrument Midi at the writing stage)?

I am using an old Logic version (10.0.7), could it be anything to do with that?