The Sirens (Orchestral / choral style)

Just finished a short 2 minute track. Only the choir was a different sample library:

HZ Strings

HZ Percussion

Spitfire Masse

Spitfire Symphonic Brass

Olympus Elements Choir

Mixing / production is my real weak point (probably amongst others) but I had fun doing it. Any comments welcome :)


  • Nice work! Really well done. The choirs fits quite well. One thing I should add is the the strings are a little too "far back" in the mix. There could be multiple fixes to this: you can increase reverb, maybe make it louder (or everything softer), widen it, or just pan it closer to the center. I really liked this piece in general, good job!

  • Thanks a lot, and that's really good advice - I can hear what you mean now (sometimes you can't hear the wood for the trees by the end). I'll definitely work on that for the next one. Plan on doing a series of tracks in the series where I'll incorperate themes across them, so that would be a good opportunity to improve the mix and can try out those suggestions. Appreciate the feedback, cheers 😁