Some work with the Spitfire libraries

I have the pleasure to present here some works realized these last months with the very beautiful instruments of Spit.

These models are undoubtedly very perfectible, and I am interested in any advice and criticism. Do not hesitate !

(Also, my apologies in advance for my shaky English)...

  • Les oubliés : Based on an orchestrated piano improvisation. Mix of BBCSO, Appassionnata and solo strings
  • Extérieur jour Music to illustrate this presentation slideshow (windows is the subject). Library: violin solo, Appassionata, BBCSO harp
  • The drum More personal and contemporary... (even dissonant)... Recent orchestration of a project for piano and voice composed when I was a student, 30 years ago... Version for solo string quintet (mixture of BBCSO leader and string solo) woodwind quintet, solo horn, harp and percussion (BBCSO)
  • Der Lindenbaum (Schubert) I sometimes have fun doing some transcriptions or orchestrations. Here is my first experience of the BBCSO library.a lot of clumsiness and mistakes but I was very happy to find these magnificent instruments!I dreamed about it when I was young and we started lunch with our Commodore Amiga... It was a science fiction dream. I never imagined that we could one day have such tools. Moreover, I was not quite up to date in handling the Midi tools in reaper.

Thank you very much for your kind listening.

Do not hesitate to give me your opinions.

Thanks in advance