Now M1 Compatible - Oliver Patrice Weder - OPW

Every owner of Oliver Patrice Weder - OPW will today receive an update to their library which makes the plugins M1 compatible. The new plugin contains our latest architecture which allows for both Intel and M1 Compatible (Universal) Digital Audio Workstations to use the plugin without triggering Error 1. All future SA Recordings products will also be made compatible over the coming weeks.

If you have any issues updating or are still having trouble using the plugins on an Apple M1 device, please reach out to our support team at


  • Hi

    after the update of OPW the section of sounds "Electronic Tempo Synced" has a short terrible click before each note.

    Please fix it ...


    (repair, reset and new installation useless)

  • As someone previously said, after the update many of the sounds have problems. One of the Electronic Tempo Synced patches has a very loud click before each note, I also notice some weird "duplicate note" issues where each note I press plays twice, or has a phasing issue or something like that. It's very weird. Many of the sounds in OPW have issues and I'm hoping a new update is released with fixes soon!