Atrus' Escape — Symphonic Demo Track

This is a new track I wanted to share using completely and totally free plugins and libraries. Anyone can make this track on their DAW with these free libraries. I primarily use Spitfire's BBC SO: Discover library for close strings, pizzicato, woodwinds, and brass. The other free libraries from SINEfactory and Kontakt are for percussion and the Duduk. There are a few sound effects from a game to tell a story... and here's why...

There's this really cool game called Riven: The Sequel to MYST that I think is the best game of all time. If you haven't heard of it before, don't even bother listening to this track or continue reading this just yet, you've to go check it out right now! I made this demo track because I always wondered what the scene would have looked like before this game's events take place or that of the prequel, MYST. I take common motifs from the original soundtrack to try and tell a story with just the music. I've tried telling a story with just music and no visual before, but this is my first try.

Let me know what you think of this demo track, I'd love to hear your feedback. Any suggestions on how to get more out of these free libraries or any musical critique are welcome! 😁