Pitch Bend for Chamber Strings

Hi all,

Has anyone been able to setup pitch bend for SCS? There's a tutorial online, but it involves clicking the wrench icon in Kontakt, which appears to have disappeared with the 6.2 update.

This is a major limitation for SCS right now, and I would love a fix today for a project, if possible. Thanks!


  • are you going for a stylised sound?

    I don't have that library; but i'd try doing it in the daw with automation

  • @Ken Yes, it's stylized.... unfortunately, Logic doesn't let you bend past 50 cents, and I'm needing true violin bends down by thirds, if that makes sense. (This needs to sell via mockup since we'll be replacing with a string orchestra in a month or so.)

  • Ken
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    Ah....could you print the region to audio and automate a pitch shifter?

    cheap sounding workaround, i know!

    Like i mentioned, i have no knowledge of that library...but if the velocities are low enough could you gliss down?

    I still use Kontakt 5. By the time 7 comes out, 6 will be stable so i'll upgrade then! 😁

  • Do you have a link to the video? I'd be interested in watching it.

    By default some patches are locked wrench wise across all versions of Kontakt. Legato ones, or patches with legato in, are fundamentally always locked. With that, it would be worth seeing if loading an individual long articulation provides the same issue...

  • I never understood why pitch bend isn't assigned on these type of libraries. I understand it may not sound great all the time, but then you just don't use the pitch bend. It's not like the pitch wheel is being used for anything else.

  • I'll see if I can find it, but I think Oliver had a lot of great sounding pitch movement in one of his sample pieces—alternative solo strings maybe—that had me wondering how he did it.

    If I find, I'll link, and with a little luck can get him or one of the others to tell us his technique.