Stuttering playback

I have a desktop pc with:

AMD Ryzen 5 4600G, 3.70GHz

RAM: 8.00GB

Storage: 8.00 GB (SSD), 1TB HDD

64 bit OS

On first playing my project the Spitfire samples stutter and it is only by playing through the tracks once (and sometimes more than once) does the stuttering disappear. I use LABS and Originals including the Grand Piano and Fink sample set. Can anyone help?

Thank you.


  • Hi @lenj

     I think that the problem is that the samples have not fully loaded into your project when you press play.

    I assume that your libraries are stored on the hdd. Loading from a hdd is much slower than from a ssd. The LABS and Originals libraries are not very CPU and RAM intensive but lots of tracks all add up.

    The Fink library also quotes an i7 or Ryzen7 cpu as a requirement. I’m sure that your R5 will cope but 8GB of RAM is also on the low side especially when the number of tracks and instruments increases.

    I sometimes have the same issue with large projects even using ssd storage and 48GB RAM!

    If I were you I would consider upgrading your RAM to 16GB minimum and also getting an external ssd to store your libraries on.

    Hope that helps.



  • Thank you Steve, that's very useful.