Hallelujah Prelude

Hey there,

I've recently posted a track called Tiliqua Rugosa, on which I started working quite casually earlier this year. In fact, I worked so randomly that I ended up having 3 different movements for strings that didn't work at all with the movie they were supposed to support. So I've decided to restart from scratch, compose something else, and keep those 3 movements for later. I've tried to come up with one suite, called Hallelujah Prelude. It is mostly intended to be played by a string quartet, but you will hear that I couldn't resist adding a few string ensembles as well as horns.

Libraries used: Abbey Road 2 Iconic Strings Core + BBCSO Core.

Hope you'll like it, let me know how it could have been better!


  • Hello!

    This is certainly interesting! Quartets are not my strong suite, so composition-wise I think it sounds nice, I think there should be someone more qualified for this than me😅

    One tip I should make would be to use your expression and modulation more! It makes your composition sound much more real and emotional!