What's your favourite LABS?

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There are so many contenders but which is your number 1?!


  • Historically I'd have to say Soft Piano, however, Tape Orchestra has risen to my frequently-used list quite quickly!

  • tundra atmos

  • They're all great! I haven't had a chance to dig into all of the in detail, but my favorite is the Soft Piano right now.

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  • Tape Orchestra Brass is my favorite to improvise on. Very smooth and natural response to velocity; almost like a breathing voice :)

  • Soft piano, vocals and all strings. ?

  • Tundra Atmos is my most used LABS. It's so great in combination Ólafur Arnalds libraries to create fantastic atmospheres to make modern, silent neoclassical music.

  • Tape Orchestra! After that, I love the Peel Guitar.

  • Tape Orchestra and Lap Steel have been really fun to work with. I recently used a detuned London Atmos to create a lead synth for a Unify patch that I really like, too.

  • Tundra Atmos

    London Atmos

    Trumpet Fields (!!!)

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    Soft Piano (!!), Tndra Atmos, Choir, Mandolin and Frozen Strings.

  • Tape Orchestra, Frozen Strings

  • Too many bangers to pick just one, but in recent times I've really enjoyed Textural Pads.

    Opia is also a gem ?

  • Gonna have to go with the popular choice of the Soft Piano. The ease of use, the close up profile of the piano, and the lovely mechanical sounds that are added too all add up to an absolutely lovely sound!

  • Tape Orchestra gets an honourable mention, but at the moment, I’d have to say the new Pipe Organ.

  • Frozen strings. Lovely scratchy textures.

  • I have to say soft piano. When I first heard it on a you tube video by Christian Henson last year I absolutely loved it and was very much prepared to pay for it. Up until that point I’d never heard of labs or Spitfire Audio so it was serendipity I viewed the video.

    I’m just a hobbyist but I have to say the labs freebies really work in terms of drawing you in. It’s ridiculous how much I’ve spent on Spitfire Audio in the last six months, although I don’t regret as I think their sound libraries are stunning.

    Back to the soft piano - what I love is it really encourages you write spaciously (something I struggle do as I’m always trying to fill in gaps). While I can’t say I’ve managed to rectify this habit - at least It has made me a little more self aware.

  • The LABS instruments I've been using a lot are Strings, Drums, and Granular Whalesong.

  • arctic swells, obviously soft piano

  • I love working with the human voice and. in relation to the Labs series I’d definitely say that the Labs choir is tops for me. It lends itself to expression in minor keys and is ever so harmonically rich. Possibly I need therapy as I once spent a whole inspirational weekend working with Labs choir using a couple of Granular synths ( Pharlight & Space ship ). Once more I will raise a glass and tip my hat to Spitfire for supporting musicians and especially grass roots composers .

  • London Atmos! I recently used London Atmos for our University of Santo Tomas Youtube Channel Trailer Intro. https://youtu.be/3b8NhxEROJg

    I used 8 variants of the London Atmos plus the timpani of BBC Orchestra Professional. And that's it:)

  • Arctic Swells is my favorite. Layered with the 'waves' from OACE, it is simply gorgeous.

  • Sort Piano is amazing!

  • the drums are quite nice

  • Big fan of Arctic Swells, Scary Strings and of course, Pipe Organ! :-)

  • Tundra Atmos is awesome!

  • The music box is so underrated. It is so soft and such a beautiful sound. Add some nice reverb and it is gorgeous.

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  • Always vibing the lovely LABS strings esp Cello stuff. My go to now. The bog standard drum kit sounds fucking hard, straight out the gate. But I'm currently dripping the Tundra Atmos over everything. 4444radio, water fractals. And all the LONDON stuff sounds amazing. I love it all😘

  • It's so hard to pick just one! I really love the Mandolin, London ATMOS and Lap Steel

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    Lap Steel is glorious (especially the plucks preset). But they're all great. Some of the atmos and granular pads are pretty special especially if resampling and further processing them.

  • To be honest I like all the LABS packs. However, Tundra is getting a lot of play at the moment, but have used the drums and percs more than expected.