Current Project Feedback

Hey there everyone!

I recently started a new project and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in giving it feedback. It is still in the rather early stages as it is just piano/quartet.

Thanks in advance!


  • Hello Noah,

    Really like the feel of the song. Some parts of the strings near 1:00 sounds strange to me, they sound dissonant. Was it the intended effect?

    I think you did a great job of blending the piano with the strings, it sounds seamless. It just some parts like 1:00 and maybe 1:50 where they sound very dissonant, which perks my ears up a bit more. /it could be that you are resolving it with the next chord, but that there might be holding the dissonance a bit too long. The piano ending part was nice! I might get that stuck in my head all day today!

    One other thing, if I may add, is that if you use your modulation and expression controls more drastically, it will make it have a much better flow. This is just personal taste, but normally I would add a bit more dynamics to them, so they will sound a bit less static.

    Other than some of the harmonies and the dynamics, I really like the overall serene feel to the piece!

    Good job!

    P.S. I think that's frozen strings you used there?

  • Hello Noah,

    I like the overall idea and particularly the solo piano ending is very nice.

    In addition to what Londoneye said: the mix needs improvement. turn up your piano a bit and/or turn the kick/bass a bit down. Also the strings can have a bit less velocity here and there and need a bit of reverb. You can also maybe look for better string samples. I think it would improve the piece a lot.

    This is just my opinion though. Don't get distracted by others opinions, just absorb and go on.....

    Good luck! Serge

  • Thanks for the feedback @Serge4Music and @Londoneye330! It is actually very helpful as I got really stuck as to how to move forward, but this has given me some good ideas :D

    P.S. I used the new Intimate Grand and Intimate strings in that first demo with zero velocity editing so far.