Brasiliana (by Cor Lemaire) - re-creating an orchestration by ear

I hope it's ok to post something here that is not my own composition, but my attempt to recreate an existing orchestral piece using BBCSO Core and some Apple Logic builtin instruments (Steinway piano, flamenco guitar, a latin percussion kit).

I've only recently purchased BBCSO and I thought this might be a good way to get a feel for the instruments. I've attempted some other recreations-by-ear before but never yet on the scale of a symphony orchestra. Especially with the brass section it is quite hard to identify what instrument is playing what, how the harmony is laid out, etcetera; but I loved doing it.

I also took this particular piece because I've grown to quite like Cor Lemaire's music, who has been all but forgotten in the Netherlands, though many people will still recognise some of the songs he wrote for theatre, radio and tv in the 1950's and -60's because the idiom he worked in (jazzy songs and 'light orchestral') nearly completely disappeared from public consciousness in the -60's.

I hope I can present something I composed myself one of these days, but I'm still learning :)

Below are an audio-only version and video of the early 1960's telerecording that I based the recreation on (the new version fades in after a few seconds).


  • Good work @Luthien; very good choice of song for this library! 👍🏼 Not at all a problem to recreate or transcribe another song. That's how I started learning to score music and develop an ear for breaking music down. I actually still have a transcription on my YT channel also working with BBC SO (Discover) to help me get used to working with the library.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you here 👌🏼

  • Hello, certainly! As mentioned above, we all have to arrange first, so we learn how to compose! Just like most things we do, we start by "copying" before we can build upon that. It's what's about.

    The piece itself is certainly interesting, will check out some of his other works.

    Will be looking forward to your compositions here!