Just Labs and Pianobook

Hi, I am not sure if we should be posting our work here.  

I am currently working on a project that is only Labs and Piano book sounds.  

Drums are a secret recipe and I am playing my acoustic and electric guitar on this project. 

I wanted to create an album using free instruments provided by Pianobook and labs. 

Here are a couple of songs that I am working on.  

I will eventually post all the instruments used so that you guys can see.

This one was created from the Zither in PianoBook and various Labs instruments


This one is changing a lot at the moment but also features free Labs instruments


Enjoy! Feel free to leave feedback. These are still in Demo mode!


  • Wow! You really made an impact with those LABS Drums!

    I always loved those LABS drums when played alone, I just didn't find that sound fit very well in my compositions. But I think I can finally see under which context does the drums fit well with - and man do they sound amazing!

    For Dreams, I really like how the acoustic guitar is panned wide (I think it's two tracks, one panned left and one panned right), then you placed the electric guitar on the right. It is very well done.\

    Can't wait to hear more! We have a little discussion under the name 'Spitfire's great municipal band' if you want to stop by and post something!

  • Cool. Thanks!

    The majority of this album I recorded was

    UVI vault and XLN audio Drums.