Loving Labs! A new song using Micah's Choir and Choir

Here's a new one using  Micah's Choir and Choir from Labs with BBC's Symphony Orchestra, I'm really loving how good the Choirs sound and how easy it is to use! it's called Space Encounters.



  • This is very creative! Thanks for sharing!

    The beginning is just simply brilliant, with the percussion and the choir. It sounds like you used BBCSO Discover, one thing I would add is that they sound very muffled. Was that an intended effect?

  • Thanks. I was using BBCSO Discovery.

    I didn't intend for the percussions to be muted, it just turned out that way in the mix, I kind of liked it and didn't use any processing to enhance it. I probably would on another song, though. Maybe some eq'ing or reverb, etc......