bbcso saved user presets not listing in preset browser...


I'm using bbcso core. My saved presets are not showing up in the preset browser; including when the "user" filter is selected.

If I go to the settings I can actually see my presets listed as available to load as the default. So I believe my presets are being saved.

Please advise how I can browse saved user presets in bbcso core.


-- Bob


  • FYI: actually found my presets saved in my bbcso core library folder under ./Presets/user which also has ./Preset/v1.1.8 with the factory presets.

    My guess is that the plug-in is not loading the user folder. Yet, as I mention above, the plug-in is presenting the contents of the user folder as an option for the default preset.

    I'm running on a Mac with Big Sur. I get the same behavior in both Reaper, Live 11 and Logic Pro.

    Can anyone using bbcso core confirm that saving presets works for them?