LABS Not Sounding in Logic


I've been running into the problem recently that suddenly a LABS instrument won't generate a sound during playback, but then if I Create New Track with Duplicate Settings and alt-drag the original region into the new track, it works. The original track still shows MIDI info, and the original track was working before.

Have had this issue with LABS mandolin tremolo, Autoharp samples...

Any ideas? I'm new to all of this and maybe there's a setting somewhere that got switched? The track wasn't muted, everything looked normal.



  • Seabass
    edited May 2022

    I'm working on an M1 Mac Mini with Catalina, and Logic Pro 10.7.4.

    Have not gotten any error messages, and can't find an answer. Thanks!

  • Same problem and similar specs. Did you ever find a solution?

  • Hello Everyone,

    This is happening again and it's crazy frustrating.

    Sometimes in the middle of a project, or sometimes when opening a project again, certain Spitfire instrument tracks have no sound. There is nothing showing in the track's meter.

    Sometimes I can get around that by creating "New Track with Duplicate Settings" and either dragging or copy/pasting from the original track to the new one. Sometimes that doesn't work.

    Could it be the M1 Mac?

    This is only happening with BBCSOD and LABS instruments.



  • Hi @Seabass - have you tried hitting the "Refresh" button (circular arrow on bar across the top of the plugin window)? This can unstick a plugin that has stopped playing samples.

    Alternatively, have checked that Expression and Dynamics haven't gone to zero? This can happen because of the way Logic handles MIDI chase and/or resets after playback, and will leave the instrument seeming mute. Of course you can just wiggle the controllers to fix that, but it can still be a bit annoying: I've got into the habit of setting default values at the end of every region to avoid it.