beginner with bad taste in sound?

Hi, I recently bought BBC Core and Albion One. I already had 'Garritan personal orch' for 10 years or so, but didn't use it much.

But now I wanted to really go into writing some orchestral music (mostly hybrid style). However, I find BBC Core way too 'wet' especially the wood and brass. I actually prefer the old Garritan (with some added reverb from Valhallah), which I understand has a bad reputation, at least from what I read on the net.

I'm not used to hearing big orchestras live so maybe my taste is bad (?), but would I benefit a lot from getting the spitfire studio brass and woodwinds to replace woods and brass from Garritan 5?

I like the stringsound from Albion One very much, so I don't think I need any other string library at the moment.


  • Londoneye330
    edited May 14

    Yes, the studio orchestra series has the driest sounds out of all Spitfire libraries if I remember correctly.

    As for reverb, I am very much a 'reverb' guy. I tend to overuse reverb to the point where the mix does sound a little muddy. I use Valhalla (I think I've seen some on this forum that use it too) I find it generally ok to use.