Storage solutions for multiple libraries

Say you are able to buy the professional Symphony at a download size of 631G (doesn't say how much disc space needed), plus the Zimmer strings plus Albion1 - how does the 'small mobile unit' keep all that at their fingertips? Bearing in mind one has to upgrade, I'd like to know more about what to get.

I was hoping the lovely folk at Spitfire might consider developing an article that discusses wider ways of managing multiple large libraries - perhaps giving rundowns on a typical setups. So and so [busy composer] uses {storage space on xyz drives] etc etc. Like 'A Rough Guide to a Smooth Spitfire home studio' :-)

Some things are obvious, but others aren't - I'm after system scale info on best practice by active composers, not component scale info (which is amply provided already).

T'anks and best wishes.