Hello dear Spitfire Audio community :)

I recently posted a topic on a motif I composed. So I wanted to post what I made out of it. It's a special tribute to the Nordic God of lightning, thunder and Storms : Thor!!

I'd really love to read your reactions about it so, please, feel free to give me your feedback!

Thanks a lot for listening, reading and writing if you can/want 😁

Have a great day and stay safe!



  • Having being influenced by Marvel Studio's take on Thor, this is a fresh new perspective to the Nordic God. The instrumentation reminds me of Thor: the Dark World main theme, but yet it is not as intense as that one. However, I should say that the overall timbre and feel stands out from those movie soundtracks. Well done! I would give specific feedback if I can, but I am listening this with those not-so-great quality of built-in speakers in laptops. So I can't give anything concrete. One thing I can say though, it seems like it could use a bit more 'bang' factor: where the intensity jumps suddenly instead of a building intensity.

    Overall, well done as always!

  • Hello and thanks a lot for your feedback ! :)

    I must admit I haven't listened to Bryan Tyler's work on the Marvel Universe very carefully, especially before working on my own very humble version of Thor. But I did as soon as I read your message and I can see why he's been chosen for this :)

    At the same time, even if I totally respect this amazing composer, musician, Dj and more, as well as Patrick Doyle for the initial themes he composed for Thor, I could never forget what I heard in a video by Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou on their channel Ervey frame a painting, that depicts The Marvel Symphonic Universe and temp music.

    Anyway, once again, I must admit I would never dare to compare in any way with Bryan Tyler and he made a compact very efficient straight to the point theme, with lots of dynamics (on which I have a looot of work to ;)

    I love your idea about the bang factor !!! I'll definitely think about it for my next tracks !

    Have a great day and stay safe !