Moonglades / Library Overload

I'm at the point where I'm starting to forget what instruments and libraries I've installed and why, in some cases, I purchased them.

One example was Moonglades, I forgot all about it, and when I quickly went through the presets, I could not find anything redeeming or useful. Could not recall what I intended to use it for.

So... and this might be obvious to everyone but me, I went back and watched the walkthrough video and it all came flooding back. The parts of the library I was interested in and some ideas for a project I had when I first listed to it.

So that's my 'old guy with not so great memory' tip - next on my list to rediscover is Landfill Totems.


  • Can certainly relate when I first downloaded the LABS instruments - I have a feeling that one year ago me literally decided to download every one of them. But when I checked, I was wrong. I didn't download all of them. I still can't remember in the slightest why I downloaded them. Since the ones I use normally are the strings, organic textures, whalesongs, choir, and soft piano. Yet I found other synth pads, mandolin... Moon guitar? No idea how that got there 😅