How to Recreate This String Effect from Contemporary Drama Toolkit with My Other Instruments? Sample

Hi there!

I am using Contemporary Drama Toolkit and in the Electric Cello there is an option that has the note "slide" from the note you press down to a different one. It almost sounds like a Doppler effect or a detuning or sliding your fingers down the neck while playing.

I'd like my other instruments to mimc this effect but nothing I've tried works. I have tried using detune, etc. but it's not a smooth transition and sounds robotic. The mod wheel doesn't do anything. I've tried automating pitch but it similarly sounds digital. Finally, I tried the binaural panner after looking up how to do a Doppler effect but that didn't work either.

Thanks so much for any insight!


  • You seem to be describing a strings portamento. I was going to probably answer with the mod wheel and others, but seeing that you have tried them, I don't have to say it! 😁

    So if you are looking for that to sound natural, it can only be done if your libraries has a portamento articulation. If they do, that should sound natural,,, because they are natural! They will probably have recorded the portamentos live (although don't quote me on this... I am not an expert at audio sampling)

    If anyone else have a great alternative, I'm all ears! But for now, hope this helps!