May the Fourth

Today is May the Fourth (at least where I am) :D and it's made with free instruments!

It's a little jazz piece, with a bit of (amateur) improvisation. Will probably make a revised version soon! It's made with free instruments with:

LABS percussion

NI Piano

NI Acoustic Bass

Check it out here


  • Good stuff Londoneye - I was very happy when the cantina theme came in: )

    I would maybe have a lot more verb and EQed a bit of high shelf gain on the cymbals for more sparkle in the mix (but I am often told off for putting too much verb on things so I may not be right on that: )

  • Thanks for the suggestion! Will keep that in mind when I finally got around to publishing the full one!

  • Hahaha, and you'd be told off again! πŸ˜‚ ...reverb is not the problem here. In fact, I find the room itself to sound rather convincing, while the drums are possibly a little too forward, draping the remaining arrangement behind them.

    My suggestions would rather aim at composition and on how to get people "into the groove". The intro is a little off-putting as one does not know what to expect for just a bit too long and it begins to feel like this may not be able to pick up properly. BUT IT DOES and it does so quite nicely with good fun and good swing. It's a little rough at virtually all times and occasionally sort of ....OH, NOW I know what this reminds me of: You know when a band does a totally professional show, but then they get told that a special guest has birthday and they are meant to break into a "Happy Birthday" recital, everyone is a skilled musician, but somehow they never thought to practice this, haha. That's like in a great jazz club, suddenly George Lucas shows up and they go: "Let's do starwars, how about it?"

    In a way that's really charming, actually. I'd want to tame everyone of them musicians a tiny bit, offering them at least one round of rehearsing and then go to record, if you know what I mean.

    Other than that: What a fun tribute! πŸ˜πŸ‘οΈ

  • Londoneye you did a really good job mate, Taron is right it did sound like it was going to deflate but then out of no where it comes alive! it was super Jazzy and I loved it so much! it would make awesome backing music in starwars if there was ever a Jazz scene of some kind!

    The force wasn't with me and I let you down mate, but may the thirst is still with me!

    I can't wait to hear what you make next!

  • Thank you for all your comments! Yes, that intro was to intentionally 'deflate' before it comes out alive again! However, I will take your advice to 'tame' the musicians a little bit. I was supposed to do a longer version of this, but it seems like that plan has been pushed until the summer... Well currently my creative process is just first in, first out nowadays, but will definitely keep that in mind!

  • Wow, I was a bit surprised listening to this, especially when the star wars tune came in. Very creative. For the rest of the piece, how did you "write" it? Did you begin with the piano first, and then the other two?

  • Thanks for the comment!

    So for the recognizable tunes (the main theme and the cantina band theme) the piano came first, then the bass and drums. The music in between are all improvised. I wrote down the chords first, then recorded the bass and drums, then finally did the improvisation on piano, so it has a jazz chart feel to it.