Still waiting for an update......

I think spitfire has some great instruments..... But please update the software... Allow us to install and uninstall from within the software. I do not understand the need to reset my libraries only to have to contact customer support so that they can reset my libraries. It is an unnecessary step and it just costs time. I also cannot use the Oliver Weller library because I have an M1 Mac and Cubase 12 and am running in rosetta... I have tried and cannot get it to work. I just wish it was smooth sailing.

Lastly in Labs.... Why not just have boxes that we check to install whichever libraries we choose.... and uninstall?

And finally.... I would like to run this in studio mode and not have to go through a DAW. Sometimes I just want to practice quickly and get going.

I think these are practical requests and I have been waiting a year for them to occur. Thanks!


  • I'm generally curious because about a year ago

    Spitfire said that a new app would be released in the beginning of 2022. Any release date yet?

  • Ditto. Just logged-in to find out how to uninstall a library... well I guess this answers my question.

    Such a shame too because these are practical requests and Spitfire is otherwise excellent.

    Being composers themselves, the SF crew must know how frustrating it is dealing with technical issues.

    Why not help your user base by streamlining this process?

  • I have bought few of the it was working until I got zimmer strings and now none works. I can't even find spit fire audio app on my MacBook M1 Pro.... I wanted to uninstall and reinstall but its nowhere to be found. I downloaded the app and started it and it starts but still can't find it.. lo contacted customer service over a week a go and no response...

    spit fire folk get your asses up and fix m1 issues its been 2 years its been around!

    I am cancelling my string tomorrow if I don't hear anything from them and I wish I could I do it with the rest as well.. what a waste of money. regret getting to whole spitfire thing.