Spitfire Percussion for Dorico

Dear fellow Doricians,

Here's my Spitfire Percussion dorico file, along with playback templates, and a MIDI mapped Dorico instrument, so that every instrument from the library can be used as seemlessly as possible in your Dorico projects. Hope it helps!

Let me know if you find there are some improvements that can be made.




  • Hi Marc

    Yesterday I bought this library in the summer sale. Thank you for this great contribution. Merci beaucoup.🙏👍️

    I was actually searching if there was a way to damp e.g. cymbals in this library when I found your post with the great playback template for SA Percussion. It also works well in Dorico 4.0 although in the Play mode there seems to be a synchronisation issue The correct instrument is played in your test piece from flow to flow, but the track inspector does not seems to follow the routing for each instrument. It seems stuck on the first instrument which plays, the Snares, 02 Spitfire Drums High Drum. Maybe it is due to the setup with 47 flows each with one instrument. I will try it out on a multi-instrument flow.

    By the way regarding damping, I saw a video where the person reviewing this library (No SA employee) claimed to use the sustain pedal a a damping "key" but this is not mentioned in the manual. Many percussion libraries do not address this important topic of damping. In any case for Dorico you would need to translate this to a midi event on cc64 in the expression map linked to the damping sign I guess. I will try it out.

  • Hi Mario.

    I'll try and look up how I can adapt this damping thing to the sustain pedal, although that does not sound Doricoish to me (a sustain pedal is supposed to… sustain sound!). A new playing technique that triggers a damped playback technique is more straightforward (in my mind and in Dorico's logic).