Support won't reply my requests

Hello guys,

I've been using spitfire products from a long time and never had problems getting in touch with support, but I've been trying for a long time now and nobody reply my requests.

Basically I need one more reset for my Abbey Road One library as I installed it using universal mode with the Spiftire App and it's not working with Logic on universal mode also.

So I need to reset it, or at least repair it, under rosetta.

Chat is not working also. It's just a bot that points to the form I've already filled multiple times.

Support requests for reference: requests 246831 and 246940

I'm at the point that I migrated all my imac system to the macbook and everything (daws, samplers and plugins) works, but I can't work on lots of my previous sessions because I used Abbey Road 1 on them.

It's urgent, please!


  • Hello, sorry for the late comment. I was looking through the forum after abandoning it for about a week.

    Hope this helps, but they do have a live chat between 11am - 9pm (UK time) Where you can chat directly to support.