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Hello, Albert here, got bbc orchestra, Can't seem to find out how to get mod wheel to work for swells and such. I believe cc2. Any suggestions. thanks

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  • Jonathan
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    Expression is CC11, Dynamics is CC1.

    Hope this helps!

  • JBB
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    Works fine for me in cakewalk with a Korg NanoControl, I have to add a control surface in CW preferences. Also make sure the input is set to all inputs


  • Thanks, how do I set them up. Works with some software, and then not, doesnt work for bbc?? Would that be done with DAW in my case cakewalk? thanks

  • Jeff_G
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    I'm having a similar issue with BBC Discover in Studio One.

    The right Dynamics wheel works fine. The left expression wheel does nothing, and when I right click it, it says that its on CC11. If I remove that link and try to relearn, it does nothing.

  • Fuji
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    Having the same issue - BBC Pro player's mod wheel does not reflect my keyboard mod wheel's movements. When I draw them in manually in the Logic key editor the sound is effected but the player's wheel still doesn't move.

    Edit: it was a Logic issue - pardon the knee jerk reaction :)