Solo Violin and Alternative Violin in One Kontact Instance & Articulation

Hello All

I have had success placing multiple Spitfire Studio String instruments into a single Kontakt instance using the same midi channel - then using UACC & expression maps to select the desired articulation. Selecting an articulation that is in one of the instruments and not the other instrument (remeber they are sharing the same midi channel) works as expected: onc instrument moves to the desired articulation and the other instrument defaults to the "None" articulation. This is great and exactly how I want it to work.

However, when I try to do this with the Spitfire Solo Violin and Alternative Violin instruments, that is when I place them in the same Kontakt instance sharing a midi channel, it does not work as I hoped: the instrument with the desired articulation is selected as expected, but the other instrument does not switch to the "None' articulation. Therefore I get two articulations sounding from each instrument.

Is there some Kontakt'y, scripty thing I need to do to get this to work?



  • I think this is related to the issue I have using combined articulations the way you describe in Solo Strings and Sacconi Quartet. I just posted a new question on it. I think the problem are the performance legato presets in these libraries. If you do not use them as an instrument all works fine but you miss out on the legato patches and engine of the library.

    Despite the fact that the UACC value points to an articulation in an other instrument these performance legato instruments keep playing in most cases with the wrong articulation. Not sure why maybe because they also include the activated articulation which would be triggered by another midi event and do not feature a articulation « none »

  • Thanks Mario.

    Maybe someone else can offer a solution?

    I am using Dorico to write a fairly complex solo violin part and have setup expression maps to get it all working. I was hoping to utilise the wide range of articulations from both libraries from the same instrument. The solution I am using involves setting up two instruments for the player in Dorico and assigning each instrument to a seperate VST instrument. It's not ideal but it's Ok.

  • Are you using the Virtuoso or 1st Desk violin from Solo Strings? The 1st Desk works fine with a legato and second nki instrument with all other articulations. It switches perfectly and only one instrument plays.

    To avoid the issue with the performance legato instrument of the Virtuoso violon, I am now using the 1st desk legato nki combined with the nki with all other articulations of Virtuoso. You do have to adapt the combined articulation set to enable the three legato techniques of 1st Desk (UACC 20 fingered, 31 portamento and 34 bowed) but it works fine.

    I never tried but I suppose you can add an other violin instrument with more exotic articulations like in Alternative Strings (or Progressive violin from Solo Strings) as long as their articulations do not use the same UACC value but you can of course reprogram them or use the single articulation presets.

    So with that setup you would only need one instrument for a Player in Dorico. What is also challenging is to activate these special articulations in the Dorico score. That would require some more work on the Expression Map for the instrument.