The NKS library doesn’t have a thumbnail


A minor annoyance, but the BBC Symphony Orchestra NKS library doesn't have a thumbnail when I'm browsing through plugins in Native Instrument's Komplete Kontrol app. Instead, it shows a kind of placeholder default icon.

Is this the current expected behavior, or did I mess up the library files? Please consider updating the library with a thumbnail if it's the former.

Thank you in advance. Have a nice day!


  • Looks like an error. I have Komplete Kontrol as well and there is a thumbnail.

    Try sending a message through the support center. Everyone there is pretty good at getting back to you quickly with a good answer.

  • Thank you for the helpful answer, @calebjtoth ! Good to know it's just an issue on my side. I will send a message through the support center as you advised.

  • Hi everyone, I too have the same problem... SportyHertz how did you solve it?

    Thank you

  • I can't remember the detail but the thumbnail library on KK can be rebuilt. I think you will find the answer on the Native Instruments site in their help section.