Feature Request: BBCSO Pro - Enable Rendering “Mic Merge” Mix

So BBCSO Pro allows you to tweak the levels of individual mics to get the blend you want. And you can save the configuration of that mix (essentially the dB levels for each mic) - which is great! But if you opt to use your own custom mix for an instrument, it’s more taxing on the computer system (than using a single premixed set of samples like Mix 1) because it’s “live blending” multiple sets of samples (for each mic position) in real-time when you playback.


It would be awesome if the BBCSO player allowed you to RENDER a new blended “Mic Merge” mix of samples for a custom mic mix configuration so that going forward, playback only required accessing ONE set of samples (e.g. Epic Horns mix), and you essentially got the same playback performance as using a single Mic (like Tree only) or Mic Mix config (like Mix 1).

To help clarify in case my explanation falls short of being super clear, Orchestral Tools’ SINE player facilitates this “Mic Merge” functionality, which is super handy. https://orchestraltools.helpscoutdocs.com/article/148-sine-quick-start

“If you have found a mic combination you particularly like, click the Merge button in the instrument channel. This will merge the current mic mix down to a single stereo mix, which you can then use like any other mic position.”