Time Aligning Mics for Multi-Mic Sampling


In a previous life as a Live Sound Engineer, when putting PA into different spaces, any PA beyond the stage line would be time aligned (delayed) back so that sound moving along the room, would land at a listener in a cohesive way. If you've ever listened to a big room with PA not delayed, or badly delayed, it can sound atrocious as multiple signals arrive at your ears at different points in time, confusing the sound.

As a result recently I started wondering whether the same principal was attached to multi-mic record sessions & sampling sessions. EG in a space where recording with close mics, decca tree & ambients, would the 3 signals be time aligned (either when recording or in post)? Or are they deliberately let as is, so there's a natural delay between the signals?

Question goes out to anyone at Spitfire who may have knowledge from library record sessions & also anyone else who does multi-mic sampling.